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              About Us
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              Shenzhen Baiqiancheng Electronic Co.,Ltd.(BQC)
              Address:No.343,Changfeng Road,Changzhen Community, Guangming New District,Shenzhen,Guangdong Province, China 518132
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              Honggang Zhang and Yansheng Fu founded BQC Electronic in July 2003 with more than 400 employees, a 7000 square meter building in Bantian, Shenzhen. Our business only included PCBA SMT assembly, PCBA DIP assembly, hand soldering at the beginning. And even from the very beginning, we knew how important the quality and customer satisfaction are. That is what we emphasis on and that is why we survived and developed.

              In July 2004, we were approved as a qualify supplier by Jiawei Solar Co. And later in October, been approved by Skyworth in their power PCBA supplier of rear projector TV project. An approval of our quality and our service. We took it as encouragement which drives us to do better.

              We introduced ISO 9001 quality system through whole factory in June.

              To meet the international environment protection tendency, we fulfill RoHS compliance in whole factory.
              What's more important in this year is our business strategic adjustment, we were no longer satisfied as a mere assembly factory, we began our OEM&ODM, full turnkey contract manufacturing expansion road. We set up R&D dept. for control board this year.

              In Feb. we succeed to redesign for PLS control board.
              Due to company expansion, in December we moved our factory to new location in Changzhen, Guangming District, Shenzhen.

              Been approved by GE

              VOIP project had been successfully introduced

              OEM project of "intelligent cart advertising machine" had been succesfully developed

              Introduced "Office Anywhere" office system and put it into force
              Passed the factory audit for SEARS

              Introduced "Performance Management System" and put it into force

              The product of "million-HD digital movement" had been successfully developed
              Passed the factory audit for WAL-MART
              Became one of IKEA's quality suppliers, meet IKEA IOS-PRG-0027_AA-224712-5 requirement

              ODM project Electric comb developed successfully and started mass production
              Passed audit of ISO13485 Medical product quality system certification and obtained the certificate A

              Company stock reform, the part of shares will be distributed to the core staff

              In July, BQC got ISO14001:2015 certificate

              In February, BQC got IATF16949:2016 certificate

              In December, BQC got Certificate of High&New Technological Enterprise and national enterprise credit rating AAA

              In December, BQC is planning to establish a new factory in Vietnam,which is expected to be put into production by the end of this year

              Shenzhen BQC made a great progress in recent years. The success is tightly related to every honest customers. BQC will do our best to repay every cooperative customers. In spite of the past or the future, this belief is consistent.

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