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              Quality & Delivery
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              Shenzhen Baiqiancheng Electronic Co.,Ltd.(BQC)
              Address:No.343,Changfeng Road,Changzhen Community, Guangming New District,Shenzhen,Guangdong Province, China 518132
              Quality & DeliveryHome > Quality & Delivery > Quality management    

              Ⅰ、Quality policy
              Thoroughly tempered well-seasoned severe training and hammering to make competitive products!


              Ⅱ、Quality Strategy
              Continue to improve the quality constantly and record all issues for each batch sample and the mass production→Seeking out the precautionary measures,delving into quality hidden trouble→take relevant measures as precaution at the same time.


              Ⅲ、Quality specifications:

              1. Quality System: ISO-9001:2015, ISO13485:2016, and IATF16949, ISO14001:2015
              2. Quality Standard: IPC-A-610F-G class 2,

              3. Quality control

              Quality improvement activities: For product problems, comprehensive analysis from the aspects of human, machine, material, method, and environment, and implement quality improvement activities for all processes through PDCA

              Continuous improvement plan: monitor quality implementation through weekly reports, monthly reports, and regular quality meetings, and formulate effective continuous improvement plans in a timely manner if it is found that the standards are not met

              Engineering change and retrospective management: inspect and confirm the changed raw materials or finished products, and track management of model identification

              Prevent recurrence of quality accidents: In order to prevent the recurrence of adverse events, the adverse events are included in the "Quality Resume Sheet" to collect and record the prone points, and the improvement methods are added to the control plan, FMEA, SOP and other documents

              Staff training activities: For operators or quality personnel, conduct daily training on process discipline, zero defect concept, operation methods, defect identification and judgment, and quality issues at different stages

              Continuous improvement of quality management: During the sample and trial production phase, PCBlayout production process, testing found problems and proposed improvement measures, and reminded customers to improve; Mass production phase, PCBlayout, production process, testing found problems and proposed improvement measures, and explored hidden quality hazards;
              4. Soldering Standard: J-STD-001 class 1,2,3 5. ESD Standard: ESD-MIL-STD-1686
              6. Workshop management:6S
              7. SPI
              8. On-line 3D AOI
              9. FAI-first article inspection
              10.On-line 3D AOI
              12. Machine calibration and preventative maintenance
              13. ERP material and process management ( ERP=enterprise resource planning computer system)

              14. MES system introduction


              Ⅳ、Quality standards



              Ⅴ、RoHS management

              Product compliant: RoHS
               RoHS prohibited substances list :
                  NO.     Name                       The upper limit(ppm=mg/kg)
                    1        Pb                                0.1%(1000ppm)
                    2        Hg                                0.1%(1000ppm)
                    3        Cd                                0.001%(100ppm)
                    4        Cr VI+                           0.1%(1000ppm)
                    5        PBB                              0.1%(1000ppm)
                    6        PBDE                           0.1%(1000ppm)
                    7        DEHPE                          0.1%(1000ppm)
                    8        BBP                              0.1%(1000ppm)
                    9        DBP                              0.1%(1000ppm)
                    10      DIBP                             0.1%(1000ppm)


              Ⅵ、ESD protection



              1. Related testers for ESD protection:

                          Surface Resistance Meter                  Anti-Static Wrist Strap                    Detector Digital Static Tester


                              Measurement scop:                Can conveniently check workers        Measurement scop:0 - ±1.49kv ±

                                  103-1012Ω                       anti-static wrist strap anywhere &                    1.0kv - ±20.0kv

                                precision:±5%                    anytime, to eliminate quality issues                   precision:±10%

                                                                                   caused by bad wrist strap



              2. ESD process protection





              3. ESD delivery protection





              Ⅶ、Components Control

              1. Components selection:
                  a. Customer assigned brand:use the appointed brand and model only
                  b. not assigned parts:
                      Resistor、capacitor: YAGEO, Uniohm, FengHua
                      Tantalum Capacitor: AVX,KEMET
                      Electrolytic capacitor: CAPXON、 Panasonic
                      Film capacitors: Surong, KORCHIP
                      Inductor: MURATA, TDK, Sunlord 
                      Relay:Sanyou, HongFa, Omron, Panasonic
                      Semiconductor:National,Linear Technology,NXP,Philips,Siemens,ON,ZETEX,TI,ST


              2. Procurement policy:
                  a. Standard part mass order, like IC, will only use authorized agents from original manufacturer's official website
                  b. Standard part low volume or rush order: digikey、 element、 RS、 mouser
                  c. Unique part like PCB, will choose top 10 suppliers in Shenzhen, like Suntak Circuit Technology Co., Ltd and          Tean Electronic, etc.
                  d. Compare price from 8 suppliers, to make sure we get the reasonal best price.
                  e. Use alternative parts after customer's approval, and on the premise that no compromise of quality.


              3. Components inspection
                  a. Sample stage:When there is new part, product engineer will strictly inspect every part according to component        datasheet.
                  b. Mass order procurement:IQC inspection according MIL-STD-105E sampling inspection class II standard
                  c. Materials inpection equipments:




               Ⅷ、Test capacity:


                                                             SMT16    AOI 19sets                                                                     ICT 2sets



                                                                Function test                                                              X-RAY 8200



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