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              Shenzhen Baiqiancheng Electronic Co.,Ltd.(BQC)
              Address:No.343,Changfeng Road,Changzhen Community, Guangming New District,Shenzhen,Guangdong Province, China 518132
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              BQC offers full turnkey project solution services---box build, from PCBA quick turn prototyping,PCBA SMT THT assembly to final product assembly, including components purchasing. We can also accept the components supplied by our customers or buy those components from the suppliers named by our customers. After the components arrive at our factory, they should be confirmed and tested by our IQC. Every part need to be recorded in our ERP system, so that every components'quality would be assured for the guaranty of our product

              OEM key functional service team
              Purchasing team
              purchasing manager
              8 years of purchasing experience, familiar with substitution and skilled with negotiation Component Engineer
              12 years of component substitution and authentication experience
              Purchasing Staff: 3
              5 years of purchasing experiences, familiar with substitution and good at negotiation

              Engineering team
              R&D manager
              1)18 years of R&D experience, proficient in hardware and structural design of products, master with MCU embedded software design, familiar with PCB layout (PADS9.4);
              2) Familiar with the manufacture of plastic molds, understanding the injection molding of the outer casing;
              3)Proficient in product development process and safety certification;
              Software Engineer:
              7years of product MCU software development experience, proficient in MCU, familiar with Linux software development
              Software Engineer:
              2years product MCU software development experience
              Mechanical Design Engineer:
              5 years experiences of product structure design. Proficient in using 3D drawing software PRO-E and 2D software AUTO-Cad;
              Hardware Engineer:
              7 years experiences in hardware circuit design, familiar with PCB layout (PADS9.4)
              Hardware and Component Engineer: 5
              5 years of hardware development and component testing and authentication experience

              Products Application:
              Automotive Electronics, Medical Electronics, Smart Home, Security Electronics, Consumer Electronics, Industrial Control, Communication Electronics, Financial Electronics Products

              What we can serve for you:
              Electronic contract manufacturing service
              Electronic turnkey service
              Component procurement, component safety stock, component substitution
              PCBA Prototyping service
              a small number of multi-layer high-precision high-complicate board manufacturing and assembly service
              conformal coating spraying service
              Cable assembly
              Finished product assembly
              Color box package

              Our advantage
              1)maintain or enhance the quality of the premise of a substantial price reduction of 10-30%
              2)Significantly shorten Lead-Time
              To find substituted component to shorten lead-time Prepare safety stock for the long lead-time components according to customer’s orders forecast
              3) supporting from ODM team technical

              Component control

              1.Components selection
              1)Customer assigned brand:use the appointed brand and model only
              2)Not assigned parts: use alternative parts after customer's approval, and on the premise that no compromise of quality

              2.Procurement policy
              1)Standard part mass order, like IC, will only use authorized agents from original manufacturer's official website
              2)Standard part low volume or rush order: digikey、 element
              3)Unique part like PCB, will choose top 10 suppliers in Shenzhen, etc.
              4)Compare price from 8 suppliers, to make sure get reasonal best price.

              3.Component substitution
              1) in what stage BQC helps customers to find substitution of components
              Mature Product: when customers encounter competition pressure
              Design stage: when customer’s R&D engineer begins to design the product

              2)How to choose substituted brand/manufacturer for components
              •IC: Select world famous brands
              •Transistor: Select Taiwan listed companies or China mainland listed companies whose history is more than 15 years
              •Other custom parts: select the factory who was audited by world-renowned enterprise and has more than 15 years history.

              3)Substitution process
              A.Substitution process for common components other than ICs
              •The purchasing staff looks for the corresponding supplier's engineers to find alternative materials
              •R & D hardware, component engineers confirm datasheet and test samples
              •Customer confirm the datasheet and test samples

              B.Substitution process for IC
              •Purchasing department component engineer looks for the corresponding supplier's engineers to find alternative materials
              •hardware, component engineers confirm datasheet and test samples
              •Customer confirm the datasheet and test samples

              4.Components inspection
              1) Sample stage:When there is new part, product engineer will strictly inspect every part according to component datasheet.

              2)mass order procurement:IQC inspection according MIL-STD-105E sampling inspection class II standard

              OEM delivery management
              1.Project team
              For each customer, there is a project team& QQ group When problems come out, responsible person must reply in 30 min
              2.Material delivery
              More than 60 quality suppliers with over 10 years experiences
              Each material has more than 3 suppliers

              3.Production schedule
              Make the standard work time in each work station.
              By pre-processing parts, making fixtures, or optimizing populating program to improve working procedure.

              Continuous improvement in quality
              1. After BQC finish the samples, we will find if have problems in materials, PCB layout, production process and test, if have, we will propose the correct action and remind customers to improve
              2. After each batch of mass production, we will find if have problems in materials, PCB layout, production process and test, if have, we will propose the correct action. Besides, digging out hidden problems of quality and propose the correct action

              Main Cooperation Partners and OEM/ODM Products
              1. Main Cooperation Partners and OEM/ODM Products

              2. Major Cooperation partners and medical products
              PCB Assembly, PCBA Contract Manufacturing, Electronic Manufacturing Services Provider, Electronic OEM/ODM services,PCBA OEM/ODM, Full Turnkey Manufacturing,
              Box Build.SMT Assembly, China CM factory, China Contract Manufacturing Supplier, China PCBA supplier, China PCBA factory