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              How to make high quality PCBA products?

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              Currently, PCB assembly mainly comprise of THT and SMT. How to improve the quality and products? Requesting us master the technology of assembly and soldering. Especially DIP components, which mounted on the PCB board through AI and manual process. Then we must understand how to choose the best insertion way to assembly it.

              1.Resistance Insertion

              A.Resistance should be parallel with the circuit board and inserted on the boardthe Body of components should be installed the middle of two holes.


              B. If the length of Resistance smaller than the distance of components two holes, then it can be Erected Inserted


              C. If the power of Resistor is 2W or more than 2W, we couldnt be flat to the board,but rather horizontal installation with a gap of 1.5mm-3mm, to avoid circuit board burned.



              2.Capacitance Insertion

              A. For the capacitor with polarity requirement, we should take attention to direction of the polarity, which must be consistent with the indicated direction on the PCB board.At the same time we should try to put the shorter pin into the negative part.


              Radial capacitance Insertion

              B. Taking attention to the Polarity of capacitor. We must make the Radial capacitor be vertical and parallel to the PCB board, in addition the distance from the bottom of components to circuit board should between 0.75mm-3mm


              3.Diode Insertion

              Diode is polarized component, we should confirm the polar mark on the PCB silkscreen, distinguish the polarity of diode. Mustnt insert the direction of diode wrong, otherwise it will affect the board function, even cause other components burned.


              4.IC Installation

              All of IC have the direction and their pins have arrange in an order. The notch indicates the direction of IC, the pcbsilkscreen also have a recess mark. They must ne correspondence! Never reversed, otherwise the IC will easy be burned. At the same time, all of ICs pin have to insert into the holes, mustnt have any pins are bent in the components surface.


              5.Led Installation

              LED is polar components, we usually used the length of pin and the notch of LED to distinguish its polarity. General speaking, the side of long pin refer to Positive, the part with notch is Negative


              We have to understand these basic THT insertion technology,which will improve the DIP components assembly and manufacture the high quality PCBA. BQC Technology is a professional EMS PCB Assembly company with 15 years experience, which has a professional engineer team and skillful production team. All of components will pass IQC before production,and our engineer will design suitable fixture for components inserting, all of solder points will be checked by our QC engineers after DIP components go through the wave- soldering machine. .Choosing BQC, youll never regret!

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