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              Industry NewsNews > Industry News > What effect does fingerprints on SMT patch processing?    

              What effect does fingerprints on SMT patch processing?

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              In the process of SMT patch processing,it is inevitable to encounter the board during manual operation. Will thefingerprints affect a batch of processing? Are there any adverse effects? Next,please understand the influence of fingerprints on SMT patch processing.


              l  First, the bare hand touch panel beforeresistance welding will result in poor adhesion of green oil and blister andfall off of hot air at ordinary times.


              l  Second, the bare contact plate makesthe copper on the plate surface react and oxidize in a very short time. After along time, there are obvious fingerprints after electroplating, the coating isuneven, and the product appearance is seriously poor.


              l  Third, there is fingerprint grease onthe plate surface before printing wet film and screen printing circuit and filmpressing, which is easy to reduce the adhesion of dry / wet film. Duringelectroplating, the coating and coating are separated, and the gold plate iseasy to cause the plate surface pattern. After resistance welding, the platesurface is oxidized and presents yin-yang color.


              l  Fourth, during the process fromresistance welding to packaging, bare hand contact with the plate surface willlead to unclean plate surface, poor weld ability or poor bonding quality.


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