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              Shenzhen Baiqiancheng Electronic Co.,Ltd.(BQC)
              Address:No.343,Changfeng Road,Changzhen Community, Guangming New District,Shenzhen,Guangdong Province, China 518132
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              BQC is a reliable electronic contract manufacture factory, which has dedicated in EMS service about 16 years with extensive experience. Our factory has advanced PCBA manufacture equipments, has committed to help customer to improve competitiveness, shorter lead time and better quality. Our producing is full of flexibility and equipments are high performance. With these advantages, we could produce all kinds of electronic products.

              In the EMS industry,BQC is more than a PCBA manufacturer. We firmly grasp the two key qualities of electronic products:Advanced equipment and satisfied manufacturing capabilities.

              For manufacturing services,we have the following services,

              1.Our pcba assembly services (Meet the requirement of RoHS, Reach):
              1) PCB layout services
              2)Single and double-sided PCB
              3) Multilayer PCB, up to 16 layers
              4) Provide RoHS, Reach,UL PCB bare boards
              5) Printed circuit board (PCB), rigid board/flexible board manufacturing services
              6) Laser Stencil
              7)Both small and big order of pcba manufacturing
              8)Provide PCBA service from prototyping to mass production
              9) Electrical Test
              10)Selective wave soldering
              11) undertake a small number of multi-layer high-precision high-complicate board manufacturing and assembly service

              2. SMT Assembly Mass production and Prototying service ,130 employees
              Mass production SMT productivity: 12 complete automatic SMT production lines, 14 million points/day
              Prototying workshop SMT productivity: 4 complete automatic SMT production lines, 6 million points/day

              2) Mass production workshop SMT euipments:
              Taping Machine 1set
              Automatic Loader: 12 sets
              automatic solder paste printing machines:12sets
              3D SPI (Solder paste inspection) machine: 5 sets
              SMT machine: 25sets (YMAHA YSM20 high-speed machine 9sets, JUKI FX-3RAL high-speed machine 5sets, JUKI medium-speed machine 11sets)
              Reflow oven: 6 sets
              Board Machine: 2 sets
              First Article Inspection Test Machine: 6 sets
              on-line 3D AOI machine:4 sets
              AOI tester: 16sets (Shenzhou ALD515 12sets , Zhenhua Xing A410 4sets);
              X-RAY 8200 testing machine 1set
              SMT steel mesh cutting machines: 1 set;Steel mesh polishing machine; < Stencil cleaner: 1 set;
              Ovens 2sets
              Ultrasound cleaner EN-CSBQXJ-001EN-CSBQXJ-002EN-CSBQXJ-0033 3sets
              PCBA Cutting Machine 2 set
              Potting machine 1 set
              BGA rework machine 1 set

              Prototying workshop SMT euipments:
              Automatic Loader: 4 sets;
              automatic solder paste printing machines 4sets
              SMT machine: 4sets (YMAHA YSM20R high-speed machine 9sets
              Reflow oven: 4 sets
              AOI tester: 2sets (Model No:7120);

              3)Following Components Package That We Could Provide
              01005, 0201, 0402,0603,0805,1206,2512

              4)Mounting Operational Capacity Parameters
              PCB layer: 1-16 layers;
              PCB material: FR-4, CEM-1, CEM-3, High TG, FR4 Halogen Free, FR-1, FR-2,alumium bloards;
              PCB thickness: 0.2mm-7.0mm;
              PCB dimension: 50*50mm-500*500mm;
              Copper thickness: Min:0.5oz; Max: 4.0oz;
              Chip accuracy: laser recognition ±0.05mm; image recognition ±0.03mm;
              Component size: 0.6*0.3mm-33.5*33.5mm;
              Component height: 6mm(max);
              Pin spacing laser recognition over 0.65mm;
              High resolution VCS 0.25mm;
              BGA spherical distance: ≥0.25mm;
              BGA Globe distance: ≥0.25mm;
              BGA ball diameter: ≥0.1mm;
              IC foot distance: ≥0.2mm;

              5)Quality control:
              Every time transfer the SMT production line, the first article need do the testing 100% AOI test, X-Ray test and function test before shipment to ensure no defective products leave from factory.

              6) SMT test euipments

              3. DIP assembly services
              2 THT production lines, 2 million points/day,80 employees
              2)DIP equipment
              DIP Production line

              2 sets of Wave soldering machine

              4. Hand soldering Service
              3 hand soldering lines , 0.5 million points/day,60 employees

              Hand soldering lines
              Electric soldering iron

              5. Box building/Case assembly service
              1) Capacity
              3 Final assembly lines, 60 employees
              Complete machine assembly + Color Box packaging
              Final assembly:
              plastic case/ parts assembly
              metal box/parts building,
              cable assembly
              color box packaging

              6. Two conformal coating spraying production lines,15 employees

              7. DIP workshop test
              1) Test Capacity : ICT test + 4 sets of functional test,30 employees

              8.8. Life test
              High and Low Temperature test;Vibration Test ;Salt Spray Test ;Waterproof Test
              1.High and Low Temperature test

              2.Vibration Test

              3.Salt Spray Test

              4.Waterproof Test

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