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              About Us
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              Shenzhen Baiqiancheng Electronic Co.,Ltd.(BQC)
              Address:No.343,Changfeng Road,Changzhen Community, Guangming New District,Shenzhen,Guangdong Province, China 518132
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              Who we are?
              Are you always bother about production, cost and lead time? Right here in this place, Shenzhen Baiqiancheng Electronic Co.,Ltd.(BQC) is your reliable seamless corporate credit rating AAA contract manufacturer and High&New Technological Enterprise. We can provide not only pcb assembly & components sourcing service also we can provide quick-turn prototype service
                      Founded on 2003 with headquarters in Shenzhen, BQC has dedicated to EMS field for over 16 years. We now proudly pronounce us as a professional EMS supplier.Our confidence comes from our well managed factory of 8800 square meters with more than 400 workers,16 years experience,specialized R&D engineering teams,state-of-art equipment,and most of all, our excellent management and execution.We design(if you need),manufacture,ship electronic products for our customer with one-stop turnkey solution,dock to stock or dock to market that relief our clients from production.Then they can focus more on their marketing.Without compromising the quality, we do our best to help customers reduce cost to increase their competitiveness.That is why we can gain good reputation and continuous orders/projects from our clients. Our business philosophy is "Honest establishes basis, profession builds brand,service wins market"! During the epidemic, BQC has been actively preventing and controlling the spread of covid-19. Orders for medical products has been increased significantly, such as forehead thermometer,thermometer,Heart Rate Tester and Ventilator .


              What we do?
              OEM Service:
              PCB fabrication, Components Procurement, PCBA OEM,Quick-turn PCBA prototyping service, Electronic Contract Manufacturing, SMT, THT, DIP Processing (cable Assembly /mechanical Assembly/Conform coating spraying), Hand soldering, Small quantity high-precision multi-layers electronic Products manufacturing.We have a quick turn PCBA prototype workshop with 4 SMT production line

              ODM Service:
              1.Fully Contracted
              -Customer:Only provide idea
              -BQC: Responsible for Software development, Hardware development ( schematic diagram/PCB LAYOUT/ Component Selection/ production process Optimization), structural design.

              2.Half Contracted
              -Customer: Responsible for software development , hardware development and structural design
              -BQC: Responsible for Component Selection or Replacement from the Beginning of the Design, DFM, production process Optimization


              Our advantages:
              1.Technical Advantages
              (1). We have a strong team for ODM research and development projects, including more than 20 experienced engineers who have worked for many years in product appearance, mechanical , hardware, software, etc.
              (2).Our research and development projects involve medical electronics, household appliances, intelligent control, automotive electronics and so on.It has a wide industry involvement.And our experience in those filed is skilled.
              (3).After finished product designation,we could help our customer obtain relevant safety certifications which are required in the customer's sales target area.
              2.Price Advantage
              (1). R&D costs:
              In order to obtain long-term and large-scale orders, we will not make profits on R&D costs, we only collect cooperation bonus which is much lower than R&D costs.
              (2). Product cost:
              Production materials: low price for mass production unit, because our company in Shenzhen, relying on the Pearl River Delta (the world) the largest, most perfect, cost-effective supply chain market;
              Manufacturing equipment: We have the most advanced and mature automation production line and the most skilled production technicians (16 years manufacturing plant). So the manufacturing cost is the lowest.
              (3)Speed Advantage.
              A. After 16 years of persistence, we have screened out a group of more recent and ultra-fast response qualified suppliers.
              (For example, 12 sets of moulds are needed for moderately sized products. It takes us only 50 days to complete product design, mould design, mould manufacturing, and the ability to release moulds for mass production.)
              B. We will form a "Golden Triangle" project team with rapid response to new projects. Members are composed of salesmen, engineers and procurement staffs. salesmen acts as project manager and can quickly handle customer needs and project issues.
              C. Technicians and purchasing staff have good English communication skills and can communicate directly with customers.
              D.After the introduction of the Non-complicate product, the hardware and PCB design time is 7 days, the software is 7 days, and the structure is designed for 5 days (depending on the work task, when multiple tasks are completed on the same product, Time can be superimposed. For example, the work of structure and electronics can be synchronized).< br /> product ranges involved in Automotive electronics; industrial control includes industrial computer main board, community high-power power supply control board, advertising machine; etc .; new energy products includes lithium battery charging equipment; communication products includes remote meter reading; medical products includes blood glucose meter thermometer heart rate tester; Smart home products; consumer products, etc.).

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