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              Shenzhen Baiqiancheng Electronic Co.,Ltd.(BQC)
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              1.ODM project cooperation mode

              1).Fully Contracted
              -Customer: Only provide idea
              -BQC: Responsible for Software development, Hardware development ( schematic diagram/PCB LAYOUT/ Component Selection/ production process Optimization), structural design.

              2).Half Contracted
              -Customer: Responsible for software development , hardware development and structural design
              -BQC: Responsible for Component Selection or Replacement from the Beginning of the Design, DFM, production process Optimization
              2.R & D team Member introduction
              R&D manager:
              1)18 years of R&D experience, proficient in hardware and structural design of products, master with MCU embedded software design, familiar with PCB layout (PADS9.4);
              2) Familiar with the manufacture of plastic molds, understanding the injection molding of the outer casing;
              3)Proficient in product development process and safety certification;
              Software Engineer:
              7years of product MCU software development experience, proficient in MCU, familiar with Linux
              software development;
              Software Engineer:
              2years product MCU software development experience
              Hardware Engineer:
              7years experiences in hardware circuit design, familiar with PCB layout (PADS9.4)
              Hardware and Component Engineer:5
              5 years of hardware development and component testing and authentication experience
              Mechanical Design Engineer:
              5 years experience in product structure design. Proficient in using 3D drawing software PRO-E and 2D software AUTO-Cad;

              3. ODM R&D design capabilities:
              1) Electronic hardware design
              1.1) Schematic design of the product, software tool : PADS Logic (version 9.4), ORCAD
              1.2) PCB Layout design of the product, software tool: PADS Layout (Version 9.4)

              2) Electronic product software (firmware) design
              2.1) MCU programming software software tool: Keil uVision5
              2.2) Types of Microcontrollers

              3)Product Appearance Design:
              If the customer do not have the product appearance design ability, but good ideas and needs to find a company to achieve it, then BQC can realize the your concept. For example:
              3.1) The customer submits a written description of the project's appearance requirements and function requirements and BQC help to make the appearance:
              3.2) The client provides a rough sketch of the hand-painted, BQC help to make the appearance ;

              4) Product structure design:
              4.1)The customer provides a ichnography of product appearance, BQC help to make the product appearance and structural design;
              4.2)The customer provides a Draft sketch of product appearance, BQC help to make the product appearance and structural design;
              4.2)Customers provide the similar product or shell , BQC help to make the product appearance and structural design;
              The design software we use:
              3D : Pro-E version PTC Creo Parametric 3.0 M080;
              2D : AUTO CAD version 2010

              5) Function samples making:
              After the project has completed the design, a prototype is required to verify the rationality of the design:
              PCBA sample complete and function debugging
              Shell is made by CNC
              Assembly of complete product, debugging and functional testing

              6) mold making (shell):
              Different customers and projects have different requirements. The following classification is made according to different possible situations:
              A.The customer provides project drawings and shell samples, we will make shell mold. BQC can do that;
              B.The customer only provides the shell sample (without the product drawing) and requires to make a few modification of the appearance of product. BQC can do that.
              C.The customer only have the appearance renderings, we design the 3D drawing and make the shell mold. BQC can do that ;

              4. Product Safety Certification:
              After the product is finished, the product need do safety and environmental test. It can only be sold in the market after receiving the corresponding safety certificate. BQC can do the following: Safety certification: CE (EMC and LVD), UL, FCC; Environmental certification: RoHS, REACH;
              5.What products can BQC do?

              Small home appliances:
              Different from the home appliances sold in the market, or belonging to the custom category. Such as beauty salons, heating products, etc.
              Home appliances with intelligent control (Bluetooth, WIFI). Such as sweeping robots, smart charging;
              Non-standard home appliances

              Intelligent control:”
              Products or projects that enable intelligent control or remote control using sensors, wireless networks, etc.

              Class 1 medical electronics and device products:
               Family health equipment: pain massage equipment, home health self-test equipment, sphygmomanometer, electronic thermometer, multi-function treatment instrument, blood glucose meter, sleep improvement equipment.
               Family health massage products: electric massage chair/bed; massage stick; massage pillow; massage cushion; massage belt; blood circulation machine; foot bath; foot massager; hand-held massager; foot physiotherapy instrument; Kneading pad; massage chair; breast enhancement device; beauty massager.
               Family medical rehabilitation equipment: physiotherapy equipment, sleep apparatus, massage apparatus, function chair;

              Industrial products:

              Security equipment:
              Video surveillance, infrared alarm, smoke, gas alarm
              Lighting Control:
              LED lights, LED drivers, outdoor lights and related controllers for lights.

              Non-standard products
              The appearance or function of the designed product is different from the market and some changes of appearance or function from the market product , it can say that is innovation.

              6. R&D Case

              R&D case 1- Artificial Intelligence-- Room temperature controller

              Idustry Tendency:
              As the development of science and technology , it pull the improvement of artificial intelligence technology , Artificial intelligence rapidly entering the family and changing people's daily life and bringing convenience to our life.
              Customer Demand:
              People through the mobile phone can remote control the temperature of refrigeration equipments wherever they are in home ,office or shopping mall .
              Research and Develop Artificial Intelligence Room Temperature Controller Project:
              Main features:
              1) Download the relevant APP in your phone , and set the temperature which you are accustomed in the APP, then you can control the temperature through one button in daily life.
              2) The indoor temperature suitable for living can be set according to the ambient temperature at different time periods.
              3) With this device, the refrigeration equipment such as air conditioner can be remotely controlled to control the desired temperature in the room, and the room temperature can be sent to the mobile phone in real time for control.
              4) Automatic alarm function can be set for indoor temperature
              5) It can accessible to other intelligent control systems.
              Though the APP on the Mobile phone, you can remote control the refrigeration euipment in your home or office, this way you can also control the indoor temperature.
              Market Evaluation:
              After customers use those products , it won plaudits and prizes for bring convenience and high quality of life to people. It not only save electricity and alarm to remind people in the real-time but also effectively prevent unnecessary waste of resources while people enjoying their life.

              R&D case 2- Artificial Intelligence-- Room temperature controller

              Industry tendency:
              From passive and coping medical treatment, to active and normal preventive health care. Under the current background of this development tendency, smart medical equipment has a very broad prospect.
              Customer Demand:
              An intelligent electronic thermometer that can be connected to your mobile phone, which have to meet the following conditions:
              1.It can quickly detect your temperature from the human body and transmit back to your mobile phone. It can instantly judge your timely condition from the human temperature and quickly respond according to the result.
              2. Measurement data for one year can be saved for review
              3. Easy to use, intuitive, and quick to respond
              R&D of intelligent electronic thermometer project
              1) Anti-fall shell design
              2) Infrared detection temperature
              3) Quickly temperature detection
              4) LCD screen, easy to check the results
              5) To achieve adjustable control temperature data collection from blue-tooth connect to your phone.
              Already passed relevant certification and mass production
              Market evaluation:
              Elegant appearance, easy to use. You can also check the historical measurement data.

              R&D case 3--Automotive Electronics---Truck Power Supply
              By installing power supply on trucks, it greatly meets the needs of users in the car and improves the functions of automobile equipment. Therefore, we believe that there will be a great demand for this market in the future.

              Industry Development Trends
              With higher popularity of automobiles, people have raised new requirements for its safety and comfort. If we could develop an power supply for truck which could supply powers for electrical equipment in daily use, and compliant with automobile safety standards, it would make users life much more convenient.

              Customer Demands
              To design a power supply which could be installed on truck,
              1. which could supply power for inner lighting;
              2. which could provide power for electrical equipment in daily use;
              3. the input power could be from motor, also could be from external power grip;
              4. which should connect backup battery to support during power cut;
              5. which require the noise needs to be lower 50dB;

              Function realization of truck power supply:
              1.Input Selection Circuit of Electricity and Engine Power Supply;
              2.Start-up circuit for standby battery outage;
              3.The output is accomplished by five output circuits of different currents according to the different electronic devices used in external connection;
              4. The product does not use the way of fan heat dissipation, but at the same time can ensure that the temperature is not high, and the noise is low;

              The product could achieve high power output, charging battery, and protect circuit. It has much lower noise in this industry for it use special power cooling system rather than fan cooling.

              Customer Evaluation
              By installing power supply on trucks, it greatly meets the needs of users in the car and improves the functions of automobile equipment. Therefore, we believe that there will be a great demand for this market in the future.
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